Dac Cao (Permanent Deacon)


Dac Cao [

I am very blessed and count it a great privilege that I have been called
to serve the People of God in the Diocese of Oakland since 2003. During
my journey of faith, particularly thirty years in the faith formation
ministry, I have learned to share in a heart-to-heart way with
sojourners from every walk of life. I have a passion for evangelization
and hope one day to achieve the certificate that matters to me most –
that of a Faithful Servant.

In my personal journey to wholeness, my wife, Yung, has accompanied me
for over twenty years. We are the proud parents of twins: Thanh Tam and
Tri-an. Their combined names mean “Sincerely thanks be to God.” Yup, we
are still hopeful that our children might some day respond to the Lord’s
call to minister to His people in the priesthood or religious life!